Landscape Lighting

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your landscape… at night!

Outdoor Kitchens & Grill Areas

The outdoor living space continues to grow in popularity. These outdoor oasis’ allow for large gatherings of friends and families while meals are prepped.


A comfortable light level around a pool area is not only beautiful, it is a safety feature as well.  The showcasing of the patio area where it touches planting beds gives one a sense of space.

Pergolas & Pavilions

Having the outdoor “living space” is an ideal way of entertaining while being surrounded by nature. These structures in your garden or on your patios allow all the comforts of a family room while being outdoors. Amenities such as lighting, fans, heaters, outdoor tv’s, wifi extenders and outdoor audio means you can enjoy time outdoors. Even turning these structures into an outdoor office means while you’re working from home, it can be done from your own private retreat.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis with our exquisite outdoor lighting solutions, seamlessly blending style and functionality to illuminate your nights and elevate your outdoor experience.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces

Create your perfect escape with our premium outdoor living spaces, where comfort meets elegance, bringing the indoors out and transforming your backyard into a haven for relaxation and entertainment.

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Investing in residential exterior lighting not only elevates the curb appeal of your home but also contributes to a safer, more inviting, and versatile living environment.

Craig, the Sponge and Investing in Your Career

I have been in the Electrical trade for over 32 years and I have had the fortunate experience of learning from a number of skilled electricians during my four year apprenticeship. I started in a company that had a large crew,  and I would have to say that the most significant journeyman I worked under was Craig. The first day I met Craig on the job we were getting ready to start our task for the day, John, the foreman, stopped by and asked Craig “where is Sponge?”  Craig said he was on another job. John turned and said that Craig’s apprentice was nicknamed Sponge. John then told the story of...
Landscape Lighting

Autumn Tips For Your Landscape Lighting System

During the fall season, special steps should be taken for your landscape lighting system. These steps will ensure that the system will avoid damage and continue functioning as it should. One of the most common calls that we get for backyard lighting systems that include pool area lighting is that the lights are no longer coming on. Typically, we see this right after pool companies come and close the swimming pools for the season. It is a very common practice that the pool company crews will just simply shut off all of the breakers at the remote pool equipment panel. All too often, the...

“I Thought That Was Included”

"When contractors meet with potential clients, we have many topics to discuss. Our conversation often starts with me asking a prospective client what I can do to fix their problem. Many things will come up throughout the conversation and as we talk the client’s wish list often grows, often inspired by the passion of the project or the excitement caused as two parties exchange ideas. As rapport and excitement builds and flows, I try to capture all of the information on paper and in my memory, knowing that this information will later be placed into the estimate, which will be reviewed later by...

Outdoor “Sound Field”

Today’s Outdoor Audio System When we think about outdoor audio, many of us envision two speakers mounted on the outside of the house on opposite sides of the back slider. Or maybe if it was an above average installation, there are a few speakers that look like rocks near the firepit. These old style systems have now been replaced with the “Sound Field” system. What is a “Sound Field” system? The sound field system is a strategically placed system that has eight satellite speakers and an in-ground subwoofer. The audio on this is much more balanced and rich sounding, and can create an intimate...

Caution with LED integrated fixtures

Many of the LED light fixtures we see today are called integrated fixtures, meaning that the light source is built into the fixture itself. These fixtures are known for their great quality and the amazing source of light they provide, there is an underlying problem that tends to stop me from using them myself. Nothing lasts forever, no house, car, computer, cell phone, and no light fixture. Many light fixture manufacturers offer exceptional warranties, some even a lifetime, but these are never a guarantee. In today’s day and age, we see businesses come and go almost daily, so we know that...

The Area of Refuge

Make your Yard a Personal Area of Refuge The “area of refuge” in a building is a specific area designed to protect occupants who cannot leave. Whether it’s a raging hurricane or an active shooter, the intent is to provide safety until help can arrive. In today’s chaotic times, wouldn’t it be nice to have an “area of refuge” in our own homes? A comfortable place to escape the hustle and bustle, and never ending demands on our time? When we work with fellow contractors and designers on an outdoor space, we are indeed creating “areas of refuge”.  Simply being able to get away for a little...

Service provider or something more?

We received a distressed call from a fine restaurant last month. “Please help us, we have a bank of lights in the dining room that are not working. We made it through last night but need the lights back on for the dinner rush.” We went out to the job, assessed the situation. It was a defective dimmer switch. We changed the switch and the lights came back on. “Thank you so much” they said. “We would have been crushed tonight without these lights.” I assume that this is not really true but they were still emotional at that point. So, a month has passed and the unpaid service call invoice is...

Excuse me, are you an electrician?

“Excuse me, are you an electrician?” Just this morning while I was at my local electrical supply house, a homeowner asked me that question. It’s a question I get pretty frequently and I will typically make an effort to help answer their subsequent questions. Today the fellow asked me “how to wire a three way switch in combination with two outlets?” He had just exited the supply house which has a strict policy of not answering electrical questions from the general public. This keeps them free of liability in case the homeowner does something wrong. So when this homeowner saw me coming, he...


Whenever I talk about landscape lighting, inevitably the talk will turn to pathlights. Some love them, some hate them but most don’t know the real deal with them. Some of the well-known manufacturers of landscape lighting have hundreds of different types of pathlights. I tell my clients that there is a philosophy that I bring to my lighting and that approach is most apparent in pathlighting. The problem with the multiple choices of pathlights is that they are like dog toys. The pathlight will, in most cases, get the job done of applying light to the area but the decorative aspect of them is...

Simple Job?

In a previous post I mentioned that for landscape lighting designers “our goal is simple”. While this is true, our job, is not so simple. I have to reference again the presentation to landscape architects on outdoor living spaces. In one of the presentations on landscape lighting design, the presenter went into all the subtle nuances of fixtures, beam spreads, junction temperatures of LED chip sets, and color temperatures of lamps. Some of the architects eyes rolled back in their heads and they were lost. The question is, did the presenter overcomplicate it? The answer is both yes and no....

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