Outdoor Living Spaces


A comfortable light level around a pool area is not only beautiful, it is a safety feature as well. The showcasing of the patio area where it touches planting beds gives one a sense of space. When moving through and around a poolscape at night it is imperative to safely light any transition in elevation as well as when you transition from hardscape into the lawn. When patio area lighting around a pool combines with either the interior lighting from the pool or the darkness of the pool surface when those lights are off, you create new experiences and effects. Extending the use of the pool and the surrounding poolscape into the night allows you to get even more time to enjoy your space.

Outdoor Kitchens and Grill Areas

The outdoor living space has continue to grow in popularity. These outdoor oasis’ allow for large gatherings of friends and families while meals are prepped. With many amenities such as outdoor refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, rotisseries and warming trays, you are no longer required to prep food indoors only to take them outside to serve. Now you can enjoy family and friends while the meal is being prepared.

Pavilions and Pergolas

Having the outdoor “living space” is an ideal way of entertaining while being surrounded by nature. These structures in your garden or on your patios allow all the comforts of a family room while being outdoors. Amenities such as lighting, fans, heaters, outdoor tv’s, wifi extenders and outdoor audio means you can enjoy time outdoors. Even turning these structures into an outdoor office means while you’re working from home, it can be done from your own private retreat.

Outdoor Audio

We design our outdoor audio systems to be a “sound field”. A “sound field” is an area that is surrounded by satellite speakers and a subwoofer installed in the landscape in order to create an intimate audio experience. With the speakers surrounding your outdoor living space, you have created an area that is less likely to encroach on neighboring properties. The fact that the system is balanced and evenly surrounding you ensures that there will not be areas that are overly loud or too quiet. The fixtures are durable and area built to withstand the elements year round. Placed into the planting beds, it is almost impossible to see where the musical experience is coming from.

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