Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting

While landscape lighting is often used synonymously with architectural lighting. True landscape lighting is showcasing the landscape. Plantings, trees, ornamental elements and sculptures in the landscape that are lovely during daylight hours achieve a whole new dimension when lit properly at night. When the landscape is lit, your sense of space is enhanced by creating depth and intrigue on your property. Additionally, when you have light levels in the landscape that are slightly brighter than the lighting in your interior, the walls of your home disappear and the landscape edge becomes the new “walls” of the home. Having lighting in the landscape allows you to maximize your time in the space and enjoy the evening hours with a sense of relaxation and calm.

Steps and Pathways

Moving through a space at night, safely and effectively is imperative. With fixtures placed in the landscape along walkways and on steps, we can guide you comfortably through the space. Our philosophy for path lighting is to showcase the transitions in elevation, the contrast between hardscape and landscape and to have the fixture disappear into the night as much as possible. For those occasions where the aesthetics of a fixture is necessary, we use attractive bollard fixtures. These fixtures have a unique, artistic look during daylight hours and at night, while effectively lighting the way, create wonderful shadow patterns that create a sense of wonder.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is the enhancement of the house, at night. Softly illuminating the house with light showcases the architectural lines of the home. While the aesthetic appeal of architectural lighting is very clear, there is also the benefit of the security provided by the soft lighting. We like to refer to this as “passive security lighting” due to the fact that the lighting is understated while still entirely effective.

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