Outdoor “Sound Field”

by | Feb 18, 2019


Today’s Outdoor Audio System

When we think about outdoor audio, many of us envision two speakers mounted on the outside of the house on opposite sides of the back slider. Or maybe if it was an above average installation, there are a few speakers that look like rocks near the firepit. These old style systems have now been replaced with the “Sound Field” system.

What is a “Sound Field” system? The sound field system is a strategically placed system that has eight satellite speakers and an in-ground subwoofer. The audio on this is much more balanced and rich sounding, and can create an intimate area in which you can choose to have either nice background music or can completely rock out. The biggest benefit of the sound field is that it lessens the chance of “audio trespass” or as your neighbors might call it, “annoying and deserving of a noise complaint”. By surrounding your outdoor entertainment area or poolscape with the sound field, it allows you to keep the music intimate and balanced instead of trying to get two speakers on the house to cover your entire property.

In many ways, the sound field is comparable to having an exterior home theater. Tied into a Sonos system or other means of audio distribution, you are given control right on your smartphone or tablet. Imagine having the ability to listen to your favorite music, ballgame, podcast, or audio book when floating in your pool or sitting by the fireplace, being able to switch between any of them easily on your phone. The sound field system has truly revolutionized outdoor audio.

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