Caution with LED integrated fixtures

by | Mar 20, 2018


Many of the LED light fixtures we see today are called integrated fixtures, meaning that the light source is built into the fixture itself. These fixtures are known for their great quality and the amazing source of light they provide, there is an underlying problem that tends to stop me from using them myself.

Nothing lasts forever, no house, car, computer, cell phone, and no light fixture. Many light fixture manufacturers offer exceptional warranties, some even a lifetime, but these are never a guarantee. In today’s day and age, we see businesses come and go almost daily, so we know that not every company offering a lifetime or particularly long guarantee will be around when it comes time to use it.

And if the company lasts, does that ensure the specific fixture is available in the next 5 or 10 years? We see this in businesses constantly- the latest and greatest products are forgotten within a couple of years and replaced by something even greater. With these integrated fixtures, if the fixture style is discontinued the consumer has to change the entire fixture or even all of them instead of making a simple change in the lamp, for example.

Even in the landscape, where the look of the fixtures may not be imperative, the actual color of the light output from the fixture is. Manufacturers are always looking to improve the light output of the LED, which means today’s integrated fixture is not likely to have the same light output or even look the exact same as tomorrow’s integrated fixture.

I almost always lean towards a fixture where the lamp can be changed instead of the entire fixture. It doesn’t make sense from an economic or design standpoint to throw out an entire fixture when you could simply change the lamp. So make sure, when choosing a fixture, you are making an educated decision.

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