Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting

by | Feb 11, 2015


Undercabinet lighting fixtures in kitchens provide two services for the homeowner. It provides task lighting which means for the intended use of preparing foods and it provides aesthetic lighting. The aesthetic lighting provided by the undercabinet lighting enhances countertops, decorations, food presentation and decorative backsplashes.

Ideally, the light fixture is not seen by the eye. Only the effect is evident and that is the part that is pleasing. Undercabinet lighting can be hidden by a light rail on the bottom of the cabinet which will minimize unsightly glare.  This is usually built in to the design of the upper cabinets. Proper placement and distribution of the lighting is imperative as it will evenly light the area without shadows, which can give the countertops a “spotty” look.

The task lighting portion of undercabinet lighting eliminates shadows that may be produced by overhead lighting such as recessed lights, chandeliers and pendant fixtures. By removing these shadows, one is less likely to make a mistake with a sharp kitchen utensil.

The undercabinet light can create a sense of ambiance as well. Whether the fixture is set on a lower or “warmer” setting or dimmed down, it creates a romantic setting that is enjoyable. Shining light on a granite countertop or tile backsplash allows the beauty of tile and stone to come alive without “washing” it out. Many people like to keep the undercabinet lighting on throughout the night so it provides a soft “nightlight” feel that can guide you through the kitchen for a late night snack during the dark hours. The undercabinet lights keep you from needing to turn on the overhead lights that can momentarily blind you and wake you up so you cannot easily get back to bed.

During a kitchen remodel or before construction of your kitchen, it is highly recommended to consider this wonderful fixture that meets so many of our daily needs.

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