What is T.A.D.A?

by | Mar 5, 2015



RLI Electric is not only limited to the outdoor lighting world. We are a fully licensed electrical contracting company. This means we can “blur” the lines from the exterior to the interior from both an artistic means and a technical means.

Our interior lighting designs are based upon TADA, which is our acronym for:





These are the layers necessary to create not only a beautiful lighting scenario in an interior environment but is also a physiological proper lighting design. A lighting design that will allow you to move through a space comfortably while at the same time accenting the pieces and elements that demand attention. Lets look at these one at a time.

Task lighting is the lighting that allows you to do your day to day tasks. For instance, in a kitchen it would be the recessed lighting to give the area general “fill” light. It is the lighting that allows you to see what you are doing while preparing meals or cleaning up.

Accent lighting is the form of light that will make an interesting object or area come to life. It is the lighting that enhances art work, granite countertops, cabinetry or even a place setting on a table.

Decorative lighting is the fancy aspect of the design. It can be a crystal chandelier or a pendant fixture that has exciting colors in the glass work.

Ambient lighting is the soft light that fills space and eliminates shadows created by the other lighting methods. Sometimes you can even use a non-light source as the ambient light creator. Think of bouncing light off of a sloped ceiling to fill the area with light.


In a proper lighting design, no one type of fixture can accomplish all the layering techniques. You cannot light an entire kitchen with a chandelier as it would be too glary to be a good solution. For example, picture recessed lighting in a kitchen with pendant fixtures over the island and the sink. The recessed lighting is the task lighting and the pendant fixtures serve a couple of different layers. The pendant can provide the decorative, showcasing the intricate glass work while providing ambient light. The ambient light provided would eliminate the harsh shadows that the recessed task lighting would create. Couple all of that with undercabinet lighting which would serve double duty of task lighting. The task of the undercabinets is to light your work space while the accent aspect of the task would be to emphasize the grain in the granite that you originally fell in love with.

All of the methods of TADA are used by RLI Electric to create the atmosphere in which you want to live in and enjoy every day and night.

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